Our dishes are carefully, individually and freshly prepared. Our focus is on market fresh vegetables and high quality meat. This enables us to fulfil your individual wishes.

Asian soups, tapas, summer rolls, crunchy salad variations, crispy duck, fruity duck, wok dishes and Thai massamen curry, the king’s favourite dish, Vietnamese Pho soup and rice noodle dishes – a small insight into our varied menu. Accompanied by homemade drinks, red or white wine and cocktails. The sweet conclusion is also typically Asian: coconut-mango-pannacotta, sweet sticky rice and matcha-green tea ice cream to round off your Asian experience.

Glory Soups

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The duck is not only namesake but also a culinary highlight. Our duck preparation is very expensive. It starts with the right technique of gutting and seasoning, then requires hours of cooking in a duck oven. The successful duck is crispy and very juicy. Due to the slow grilling in the so-called duck oven, the duck is almost fat-free. Not the addition of salt and spices makes the good taste, it is the elaborate preparation that leads to the culinary event. Let yourself be surprised…

Glory Duck Specials

Classic Main Course

Curry Gerichte

Erdnusssosse Massaman Curry


Glory Duck in trend duck vegan? You'll also get this as a special culinary secret from our menu, along with other vegan Glory Duck creations.

The renunciation of animal products when eating is in line with the trend to protect nature, the environment and animals. That’s why we offer vegan dishes with crunchy fresh vegetables, vegan oyster sauce, vegan duck fillet strips, rounded off with tasty spice flavours – an indescribably healthy Asian food for the well-being of our planet, without a guilty conscience.

Vegane Gerichte

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